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Welcome to Brick Ends Farm

Snow Dumping

Brick Ends Farm has opened up a snow dump area at 464 Highland Street, South Hamilton. Please call 978-468-3131 to make arrangements.



Horse Owners and Haulers, there will no longer be a charge to bring your Horse Manure to Brick Ends Farm. It’s now FREE to bring it to us.


At Brick Ends Farm we are dedicated to producing the highest quality compost and amended topsoil among other products. A foundation of our product development is regular compost testing. We use this testing to monitor our process and the finished product. Our material is made from a fixed recipe involving a particular carbon to nitrogen ratio for the initial feedstocks so that we may be certain to achieve an optimum carbon to nitrogen ratio in the finished product.

Our wonderful 3/8 and 1/2 inch compost is in heavy demand as is our wonderful "Terra Mulch" that landscapers can't seem to get enough of for their customers. However our Loam/Compost Mix still remains the heavy favorite.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and for spreading the word "mouth to mouth" about our products.

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